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Trees through the seasons

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Spring carols

Every year swallows come home. Every year our kids sing the spring carols to welcome them. Following a specific approach which enables us travel to the past and make connections to old traditions, our pupils get familiar with old customs and help them keep alive....

A healthy life

Good_practice_A healthy life

Opening a Pupil ‘Swap Shop’ Project

The Switch Ditch Overview: Switch Ditch Project overview Lesson Plan overviews: The Switch Ditch - Lesson Plans Lesson Overviews: switch ditch lesson 1 evidence switch ditch lesson 2 evidence switch ditch lesson 3 evidence switch ditch lesson 3b evidence switch ditch...

The world of the wild animals and birds

Good practices_BG_3 Research paper_Animals in Europe Research paper_The Hedgehogs

How to care for wild animals and birds?

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The Waste Wizards – Combating our Global Food Waste Problem

Waste Wizards Project Lesson Plans The 'Waste Wizards' is an ongoing project we have started with our year 5 pupils. It is based around the global food waste problem and how it is contributing to climate change. We have recently opened a community shop on our school...

The Solar System