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Together we will examine what constitutes engaging and meaningful
cross-curricular learning experiences that transcend
subject boundaries and interconnect with the community
and/or take place in an outdoor environment.

Traditional ways of teaching can no longer live up to the expectations of society and to the demands of quality education for the 21st Century. Changes in curricula and measures for continuous professional development attempt to close the knowledge gap and change the role of teachers profoundly but fail to provide a solution for the growing disempowerment of teachers all over Europe.

We are faced with inescapable challenges concerning the wellbeing and the future of our children. Pupil populations are becoming increasingly diverse, and accordingly the demand for flexible education is growing steadily. Addressing these issues demands for new forms of teaching and adequate tools, in line with the needs of a broad range of children, including children with diverse needs and migrant refugee children. It also demands for the professional development of teachers, in line with individual needs and school objectives. In addition to enhancing knowledge, teachers need to upskill to meet growing competence requirements.


The project ‘Utopia’ aims to improve the quality of learning experiences and enrich the learning environment to better meet the needs of children. We aim to do this by professionalising teachers in cross-curricular teaching and by providing them insights on outdoor education and community-based teaching. We will enhance their knowledge and skills to collect and use data for whole school improvement and make them experience the benefits of connecting research to practice. We believe that we can strengthen teachers and let them regain control and confidence in their profession.

The main objective of this project is the professional development of primary school teachers. We want to support them in developing high-quality and innovative teaching methods, upgrade their existing skills and thereby helping them to step out of their comfort zone to embrace the challenges of the future.

We aim to achieve change through self- and whole school improvement and exchanging good practices.

Additionally we aim to develop an innovative toolkit with digital tools next to tutorials and publications to support educators in their endeavours to provide high quality learning experiences in meaningful and realistic learning environments. The toolkit will support teachers to move from traditional instructional approaches to the development of innovative pedagogical practices and to extend these innovations in a structural manner.

In a partnership of seven primary schools from Belgium, London, Wales, Slovenia, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria, complemented by specialists from the university of applied science, Thomas More and specialists from the Department for Education and Children of Wales, we will organise learning and training activities, both physically in training events and project meetings and online through eTwinning, and facilitate the exchange of good practices to enhance the motivation, knowledge and skills of teachers, to make teaching more effective and to foster a culture of lifelong learning in the schools.

Like Desiderius Erasmus, we embrace the belief in an individual’s capacity for self-improvement. We also believe that it is the duty of teachers to ensure that children fulfil their full potential and of adults to live up to it.

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